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Ruth Hopkins on NoDAPL , Self-Determination, and More!

Ruth Hopkins on NoDAPL , Self-Determination, and More!
August 30, 2016 Anoa

Anoa recently spoke with Ruth Hopkins about the ongoing NoDAPL protests.   Ruth discussed several key issues.  The NoDAPL actions and encampment have been going on since April. It has taken nearly four months to gain national attention. Clearly, organizers of NoDAPL protest have great resolve and fortitude. Ruth noted that concerns were raised about the potential impact on nearby drinking water by residents elsewhere in North Dakota. The Dakota Access Pipeline and the refusal to consider the health, safety, and welfare of the people is environmental racism.

Far too often the stories, challenges, and triumphs of Native and First Peoples are relayed to us by media operatives who only get the story half right. A writer, activist, blogger, and judge Ruth offered a refreshing perspective on a variety of issues in addition to discussion of the pipeline protest. Definitely the first of many conversations.


To support the ongoing work please visit the official site for Standing Rock and select Donate to Dakota Access Pipeline Fund.


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