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Care in Chaos: Threats to Accessing Safe & Legal Abortion

Care in Chaos: Threats to Accessing Safe & Legal Abortion
September 13, 2017 Anoa

On this edition of The Way, Anoa discusses the Rewire original documentary “Care in Chaos” with Lindsay Beyerstein, investigative journalist and Care in Chaos Director; Calla Hales, Clinic Administrator at A Preferred Women’s Health Center (APWHC) in Charlotte, NC; and Jessica Mason Pieklo, Rewire Vice President of Law and the Courts, legal expert. “Care in Chaos” highlights the issues with the growing threat to safe and legal abortion access. While there is so much focus on legislative efforts to restrict a woman’s right to choose as well as her ability to access care, there is little attention given to physical barriers to access. “Care in Chaos” examines the issue with anti-choice protesters engagement with abortion clinics, patients, and staff. There are laws in some states that provide some degree of protection against anti-choice actors, yet there continue to be issues with acts of aggression and violence levied at clinics, staff, and patients. Lindsay, Calla, and Jessica set the stage for greater conversation on protecting women’s’ access to care as well as engaging with elected officials and community advocates to provide meaningful enforcement of laws meant to protect in situations of harassment as documented in the film. This isn’t simply an issue of a bygone era. This is happening right now.

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