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Anoa & Imani Gandy – Two Angry Black Ladies and a Microphone

Anoa & Imani Gandy – Two Angry Black Ladies and a Microphone
February 7, 2018 Anoa

Recently, I sat down with Imani Gandy, Senior Legal Analyst with Rewire. In the course of our conversation, there are several interesting points raised including why are we as progressives willing to excuse some people while holding others to the fire. This conversation is probably one of my favorites since starting the show because I was able to talk with a Black woman like myself who has gone from being an unhappy lawyer to honing their craft as an advocacy journalist. There are so few of us in these independent media spaces so it was interesting to get more insight into her path and perspectives. We do not have to all agree, but we can certainly learn a lot from good conversations with good people doing good work. Check out the Boom! Lawyered Podcast hosted by Imani and Jessica Mason Pieklo.


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